Bankrupt Hillary Announces Wilted Lettuce to be New Hair Piece

4 months ago John Abercrombe Comments Off on Bankrupt Hillary Announces Wilted Lettuce to be New Hair Piece

In a stunning announcement today Hillary Clinton has decreed that she will use piece of lettuce instead of hair

Social media is buzzing with the news today that political bankrupt Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and one of the chief architects of the infamous Obamacare boondoggle, has decided that she has had enough of pretending and that she will have a piece of wilted lettuce attached to her head for all future public appearances.

Her few supporters have shown remarkable restraint in their public comments “We fully support Hillary as she transitions into this difficult period at the end of her political career, this is a free country and she can put whatever she wants on the top of her head” they said probably.

Others were more forthright in their opinions

When will this lady recuse herself from the public spotlight once and for all?

President Donald Trump obviously would not reduce himself to talking about such insignificant details, his most recent post on Twitter had this to say.

Wise words indeed Mr. Trump


While the new lettuce leaf ‘do’ will eventually grow out, and possibly sprout other salad related hair styles, until then it is clear that any Russian or North Korean diplomats visiting Washington must be given fair warning about this crazy left wing lettuce loving lady or we run the risk of an embarrassing international incident.

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