Does Obamacare Need Intensive Care – Does Any One Care?

6 months ago John Abercrombe Comments Off on Does Obamacare Need Intensive Care – Does Any One Care?

Almost half of US citizens want Trump and Congress to either expand Obamacare or continue implementing the Obamacare law as it is, according to a totally not biased poll released Thursday.

Another 26% want the entire law repealed, while 17% would like the law scaled back.
Trump and GOP Congressional leaders have said they plan to take up Obamacare’s repeal as soon the incoming president takes office on January 20. They are looking at repealing the law through the budget reconciliation process, which allows Congress to approve measures related to revenue and spending with only a simple majority, rather than 60 votes.

This shows how fundamentally flawed the United States system of governance is. Invest wisely my friends.

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