Spicer’s Genius Still Hidden After Hitler Comment

3 months ago John Abercrombe Comments Off on Spicer’s Genius Still Hidden After Hitler Comment

Sean Spicer defies even his most ardent supporters, carefully hiding his true genius until he is really sure he is going to need it. He continues to make his mark as the worst most interesting White House Press Secretary of all time.

Everybody knows you don’t make references to Hitler unless you have a good reason to do so. Usually, there isn’t a good reason. Mr Spicers reasons so far remain unclear.

What is clear is that he operates at such a high level that the loony liberal left wing media are left to cling desperately to low level trigger warnings and are unable to engage on actual points of fact.

He was given a chance by the very media he bashes on a daily basis to let him clarify his Hitler remarks.

They say he still screwed it up – Hitler gassed millions of people.

He didn’t drop chemical weapons into the middle of Berlin though did he? This is a nuanced subtlety, lost on these gawping loons. If Spicers’ plan is to keep everyone thinking he is a slack jawed mouth breather, he is doing a fine job.

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