Trump Puts Primary Pressure on Pugnacious Party Portion

4 months ago John Abercrombe Comments Off on Trump Puts Primary Pressure on Pugnacious Party Portion

President Trump wants it to happen and he’s willing to threaten opposition Republicans to get it.

So, support a bully, or expect to get bullied, later. That’s how the fight surrounding the replacement bill for Obamacare is shaping up.

The Washington Examiner is reporting on a Tuesday meeting between Trump and the House GOP Whip team, where Trump has threatened that either they get the votes for this monstrous bill, or he will primary those GOP members up for reelection in 2018.

Party insiders say the president at that point could choose to make an example of one or two resistant Republicans to send a message.

Most of the Republicans who reject the Obamacare replacement plan are from districts that support Trump and are likely to lean heavily to his influence, as far as who to vote for.

If he starts traveling to speak for the primary challengers of sitting Republican lawmakers, you know it’s to punish them for non-compliance.

Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the Freedom Caucus, the primary group of House Republicans opposed to the healthcare bill, is a possible target. His western North Carolina district voted overwhelmingly for Trump in November, and Meadows has come out in opposition to the bill.

Said Meadows:

“The president has a very powerful bully pulpit and a very powerful tweet and so I would never want to take on the president in either of those realms,” he admitted.

And we know what havoc Trump’s tweets tend to create.

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